“Musical Innovator”

New Orleans based Punk Empress of African Rock, Cole Williams has announced the release of a new album, Believe, to be released on April 26th. The album marks Williams’ first release under New Orleans label, Louisiana Red Hot Records, and is an eclectic mix of jazz, soul, R&B, blues, and Williams’ own patented African Rock.


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The Punk Empress Of African Rock

Since relocating to New Orleans from Brooklyn in 2015, Williams has adopted a renaissance of creativity. Between her curated show on WWOZ, her massive community outreach efforts, iconic fashion sense, and all around championing of the Big Easy arts scene, Cole has evolved into a true Bayou treasure.

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“Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness, were my main motivations,” says Williams about moving to New Orleans. “I really had no idea what I was getting myself into moving to New Orleans. It was a leap of faith, and I answered the call.”

2017 saw Cole Williams Band release a powerful rendition of the Sam Cooke classic, “A Change Is Gonna Come,” which Glide Magazine called a “simmering, heartfelt take that hits you hard with wave of emotion.” The band also released a fresh new single “Free,” which Huffington Post called “[a] soulful and rhythmic slow burner of a song that encapsulates the powerhouse vocals of Williams and her empowering lyrical stance.”


Cole Williams Band

Now with a recently signed record deal and an exciting new album on the horizon, Williams is ready to take the next big step in her revolutionary and unique career. With dates in the South and West Coast set for the Spring, and a Joshua Tree Music Festival performance set for May, Williams is looking to spread the African Rock gospel in 2019.

“2018 was a year of extreme highs and lows and I feel like I grew up in a lot of ways,” says Williams. “It prepared me for the whirlwind in 2019, my life has improved for the better in every conceivable way, but the most important testimony I carry into this year is the importance of valuing myself and all the things about me that make me special. Instead of running away from feeling different, misunderstood, and undervalued I am completely focused on the things and people that bring me joy and make me feel happy. My motto is that I’m going to do my job and let the universe do hers. This is my year and I can’t wait to see what manifests.”