Offbeat Magazine: Cole Williams On Empowering Youth Through Storytelling


"When Cole Williams first arrived in New Orleans in 2015, she was hopeful that the city’s rich musical tapestry would have a positive influence on her own music. “I knew I was going to be a better musician just by being immersed in the music here,” the Brooklyn native recalls. “I just feel so supported musically. I feel like there’s nothing I can’t do.”

Since then, she has fully immersed herself into every aspect of the musical fabric of the Big Easy, handling midday hosting duties every Tuesday with WWOZ’s New Orleans Music Show. When she’s not on-air, she and her band host their weekly African Rock Saturday show at Marigny Brasserie (640 Frenchmen Street).

Part of her musical evolution has involved her delving deeper into her craft as a storyteller. “What I really do now that I didn’t do before is that I really tell a story. I was always a storyteller but just experiencing life in New Orleans [and] experiencing the culture has allowed me to get deeper into the reasons why I make music. It’s beautiful,” she tells Offbeat." Read More